A new year has come and with that, new friendships. The reason we enjoy the holidays so much, most of the time, is for the company. Many people travel around the world to reunite with those that are "expected there"- and always there, more than by choice, by fate=family. But when those people are far, the ones that you always used to see or share information with, you understand how much they mean.

A real friend shouldn't be someone that just keeps you company, a friend should be able to know everything about you and still love you- as you are. A friend calls to say hi once in a while, doesn't leave you or stop talking to you when you make a mistake. It isn't about giving love and sharing time with the expectation of receiving something. A sincere desire of friendship would overcome any obstacle. Those friends would call whenever you where feeling down, at least they would show some interest on your interest. Again, the problem comes when they like some parts of you, instead of loving you for you, as a whole.

Some friends stop calling over distance, and you get to wonder if they were they only because they had to see you, instead because they wanted to. Sometimes you ask yourself, "how is it, that I'm surrounded by people and I feel so alone". Maybe you didn't make any friends, just company. Or you gave them that name too soon. Some call, some only write to you in facebook, some just send text messages, some never invite you to things even if your available and some, out of nowhere just call to check how are you.

If we come to the point in life, when we are busy and growing older but we receive that call or give it, we care. Computers and social networks (like facebook) have made us show our "love" by how many comments we leave, instead of quality time together. That is why, in this new year, with St. Valentine coming soon, I invite you to analyze which are your true friends. Even if they are a few, if you can count on them, certaintly your lucky. If by any chance you feel alone, rejected or you don't know how to start: write. Write to me, to anyone, but specially write a letter to yourself, so that you remember that you are blessed to be here, that you are worth a lot and that you have a lot to offer.

Do not let anyone, that is present or constantly missing- make you believe your unworthy. As we grow we should be able to look back and count our blessings.

So in this opportunity I take the time to acknowledge my friends, my true friends, and those that will come on the way. Also my parents and the people that crossed at some point my path. I want to thank them for all they did all those years while I was busy turning into me.