A cart was outside. A little cart full of bouquets was available, cheaper than what I had always seemed near home. Then I drove by to college and saw around 8 people selling bouquets of flowers too; beautiful roses of all colors. Then I remembered the times I saw a man, with a ring in his left hand, buying them.

How many times we have heard at some point of our lives that women are like flowers. If not, we at least hear that the classic gifts we should receive are chocolates, teddy bears or flowers, flowers being the most common.

While looking at the cart I kept wondering- would a day come where I’m married and my husband sees those flowers and think, I’m getting them for her today. Not in an anniversary, not in a birthday, but in a random day. A random day, like the one I saw, where after a busy day at work that man saw those cheap flowers as an easy way to say I love you, or “I’ve been thinking about you all day love”. Pretty. Is not cheesy, is romantic. It’s idyllic to believe that we deserve that much from someone.

Today, I wish you reflect on the beauty of a flower. Compare it with a woman. Some live like a flower. They are only admired by their beauty, and they get torn by it. Different colors, textures, sizes. If you can, women or man, tell your partner, your friend: “I love you” and give a flower. It’s not fair they die in vain. At least they will be cheap, cute and beautiful. In this season, gift a flower and affection- that will surely let the other person know that you are thinking about them. That will make sure you express love, and that is something we need to do more often! J

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