If, well maybe...

If I was a normal girl, it would have been ok. If I wasn’t an overachiever maybe I would dream of white right now and would have been waiting for a prince and saviour. If I was complete, maybe I could give you my all without thinking I was losing myself. If I hadn’t been near death, maybe I wouldn’t value time and the fact that it doesn’t come back. If I wouldn’t be Miss Independent, I may have turned into a Ms. Dependent nobody wants. If I wouldn’t want to excel, maybe I could sleep more than 7 hours at night. If I really didn’t want to work for myself, well maybe I would be any other girl, missing that my mom would clean my clothes and my room. If I hadn’t worked since I could, maybe I would have been expecting my allowance. If I didn’t believe in God, well maybe I would be drinking out a bottle of wine I have to forget that I have $20 on the bank. If I didn’t believe I can do it, well maybe I would have gave up all my dreams because they seem harder every day. If I didn’t appreciate life, well maybe I would have gone to McDonalds or Burger King and had oversized a combo. If I didn’t had self-esteem, well maybe I wouldn’t have any problem becoming someone else. If I didn’t have strength and a willingness to fight, well maybe I would have lived in silence, making others design my own paths. If I didn’t appreciate what a bad person is, well maybe you would have been any other person and it would be ok if I changed my mind. If I hadn’t grown up so fast, well maybe I wouldn’t be longing having my youth. If I didn’t know better, I would think it was too late to change my fate. If I didn’t love you, well maybe I would be wearing a mask letting you believe everything was ok. If I didn’t appreciate the gifts of life, well maybe I would have a problem going on my own to the movies. If I didn’t think I could do it, well maybe I would still be sitting in my room waiting for some help. If I didn’t had any struggles, then I wouldn’t appreciate what it is a good fight. If I hadn’t being through what I’ve been through well simply I wouldn’t be me.

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