Why Fairy Tells?

It started as an idea for a book. We always live with the ilusion that we'll find our Fairy tale. But instead of receiving those beautiful stories we encounter multiple ogre's- not the Shrek type- but really mean people on the way that sometimes makes us believe that we will never find our prince charming, that we won't be happy. I like Sex and the City, a fan, and Cosmo. My girlie side reflects on the freedom of speech on topics that are considered taboo- even if I read them on solitude or if I see them on TV. As I read some quotes I found one very interesting: "We sometimes need to forget what we want to remember what we deserve". Right on! So this space will be a change in the blogsphere, maybe there's people that write like in Sex and the City or in Cosmopolitan. I will deliver analysis of situations that we women encounter everyday, to start a forum and to think on what we go through. I truly believe that we face differences because of our gender, and maybe this will be a brief hope to change and exchange what we go through in order to become stronger. Like I said, prepare. This will hold no taboos. Maybe by seeing what others suffer or what others are facing, instead of laughing at them or being filled with envy- we will give us the chance to live it. To learn.


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