Life as we know it

I thought of maternity. Maternity as a subject for this column, don’t get me wrong. And then besides every single thing we could discuss in the future about this gift and miracle, I thought of something bigger- life. Is ironic how everything is a cycle. Some people plan having a kid, some don’t. I believe it shouldn’t be treated as a business deal, as an investment, as a contract, as a time waste. We are talking of a human being, which is more sensible because it comes to life totally depending. It depends on its family, on people, the baby can’t make it alone.

So when you think about it, life itself and maternity, it is also a social effect. You NEED other people to live those first months, maybe those first years while you make it to independence. Heck! You need people all your life. Remember Wilson, the volleyball that became famous on Cast Away, as Tom Hanks character needed something to talk to and he created his friend out of imagination. That scene wanted to show that we all need a friend; we all need somebody because our nature is a social one. But I came to discuss life and how everything connects together- based on two testimonies.

So here’s how it goes, and feel free to disagree or discuss this. You meet someone, but that someone may be or not may be your ideal partner or a person that fits healthy standards in a relationship like respect, trust, love, commitment, etc- and then you get together. You may believe on waiting for sex or not, but then comes sex, at some point, and depending on the protection and your health options and rules- and also depending on the Murphy law where plans can change- you might get yourself in pregnancy. And then you have life in you, that if everything goes alright you get to see after 9 months. The perfect stranger that you consider yours is in you but now gets out and becomes parts of life. Then the baby is alive, but not by its own. And then it grows, passing through a lot of things, right or wrong, decisions and what you saw as a gift of life, it turns to be a life of its own. But what is life for that creature? When do you consider yourself alive, when your parents have you? Is that the rule? Could it be that many people fall into a routine of the mass and become only part of a system without ever considering what they are, and what lives mean to them? Are they living dead people?

Certainly, life is something relative and objective where you can get to chose what it is for you. But do you ever consider yourself grateful for it? What happens or what does it has to happen for you to wake up and understand that the only thing that we have assured physically is death. This week two stories, two second birthdays where celebrated. A girl, that on a 10th of July of 1995 was reborn again. She died for 30 minutes and she saw a tunnel and an angel. And that’s a complete different column when we analyze if we are selfish enough to think that we are the only “thing” in this world; if we “operate” by pure coincidence and what God has to do with everything. God deserves many columns, and has a lot to do with this theme (for me, you may defer) but we’ll discuss that another day. She died, and had to go through another operation on aJune 25th of 2001, and also on July 29th on 2005. Many dates, many opportunities. But certainly, the first one was the most incredible experience, a wake up call, she lives everyday thinking that she has a mission and that she could die tomorrow. What a way to live right? Does she sins by thinking she can die or by having it too present? Did it take a near death experience to see it? Was it worth it?

If flirting with death may give you life, a “shake”, not an adrenaline rush (like people who live by death in drugs and danger) then so be it. I believe is better to feel life more because of something, that to live without thinking anything at all, or thinking only of yourself. And then we go back to the cycle. We all need people but we seem to think that they need us, or that they want to use us, or after having a chosen few we neglect others which need to be remembered that they are also important. Wonder why so many suicides? Isn’t that a sign that someone needs to rethink what life is? What about when someone tries to take your life? Could that be a wake up call or you come back to life with vengeance? Another story of a second birthday this week was about that. The first one was because of an illness. The second story is about a guy that tried to kill this person. When asked- he could only say- “if I had to go through it again to feel what I felt, the Grace of God, I wouldn’t think it twice”.

Can you say that today? What do you believe life is? What’s your definition? What are you doing today that will make you a better person or that will help another person’s life? Have you thanked God or anyone, have you told a person you know that has battled death, that you’re happy there with you now. How can we ever analyze any theme without thinking of who you are and how you appreciate what you have? So who are you? I’m eager to know. What makes you who you are, what experiences have marked you? Some scars will never go, and for this two people and their testimonies I can assure you that every time those scars appear in a mirror, they become a reflection and a reminder of what we need to say everyday- THANK YOU. Is a need to scream, thank you for a second chance. You don’t need to go through this to start today. And for those who have had similar near death experiences, by sickness or because of other people that play with life, I’m so grateful that you’re here.

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